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Valley Medical Group Sports and Exercise Medicine provides diagnosis and treatment of any sports or exercise related injury or pain.  We work with competitive and recreational athletes as well as other active individuals to maintain or improve their health.


We treat athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels along with other active individuals with exercise related injury or discomfort.  A strong emphasis is placed on functional rehabilitation and non-operative interventions in an effort to return athletes and others to their desired sport or activity. 


For athletes, care is tailored to their specific needs taking into consideration training and competition schedules.  We offer complete sports related concussion care with individualized treatment plans.  We can also assist with difficult return-to-play or medical clearance decisions, pre-participation physical examinations, injury prevention counseling, and sports nutrition or supplement recommendations.


Our team will coordinate care with physical therapists, athletics trainers, and coaches to optimize care and ensure rapid return to activity.  Ultrasound is available for injury diagnosis and guiding therapeutic injections when necessary.  

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