Your relationship with tobacco can be complicated.
Get support that’s competent, comprehensive, and compassionate!

Valley Medical Group is here to offer support to our patients in all efforts to reduce or quit smoking. We know that quitting smoking isn’t easy and that quitting can present many challenges so we offer a variety of supports to our VMG patients.

Please watch this short video by our tobacco treatment specialist Tim Sweeney that describes our program.

Click here for the video. 

Provider Appointments 
Your primary care provider is available to talk with you about stop smoking treatment options including Nicotine Replacement and other prescriptions which can support your efforts to quit or reduce. We also have a Tobacco Cessation Specialist  and Integrated Behavioral Therapists who can meet with you when you are in the office. Carbon monoxide testing can be performed during your office visits to assess levels of CO and to track improvement.

Telephone Support - There is no charge for this service
Along with the support and advice of your provider, talking with someone who knows what you’re going through can be helpful. We have a Tobacco Cessation Specialist available to assist you by telephone most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. As a former three pack per day smoker, they can relate to your challenges, so please call them to build a Quit Plan that works for you. 


Please call Tim Sweeney at 800-2334 and leave a confidential message.


Text Message Support - There is no charge for this service
A few times each week you can receive a positive text message from our Tobacco Cessation Specialist. Those messages may help you stay on track and they will certainly make it easier for you to remember that our Tobacco Cessation Specialist is here to help. Even if you’re “not quite ready” to try to quit, the hopeful messages can be helpful, so sign-up today.

Please call Tim Sweeney at 800-2334 and leave a confidential message. 

Weekly QuittersWin Classes - There is no charge for this service.
Each Monday and Wednesday at 4:00pm brave folks getting ready to quit or in the process of quitting, meet using *Zoom. Learning together with people who really understand the journey is “good medicine!” QuittersWin helps each person understand their unique relationship and build a Quit Plan that’s right for them. Everyone works at their own pace and is free to attend the meetings for as long as they wish. These facilitated groups offer competent advice and compassionate support. First-timers should schedule an orientation session at 3:30 prior to their first meeting. 

       *To install a free version of Zoom on your tablet, computer, or smartphone, visit

Please call Tim Sweeney at 800-2334 and leave a confidential message so he can send you the links to join the meetings.
NOTE: For scheduling purposes, the QuittersWin Zoom meeting are scheduled at 
Greenfield Health Center - 329 Conway Street
If you receive an appointment reminder or notification listing that address, you can disregard it. QuittersWin are virtual meeting. 



Valley Medical Group is committed to supporting and educating our patients

as they consider end-of-life options for health care.

We encourage you to think ahead about your future healthcare wishes. Do you know about the various choices available: palliative care, hospice care, the ability to document which treatments you would agree or not agree to undergo in the event of life-threatening illness? If you should be unable to speak for yourself, have you chosen who will speak for you, and do they know your wishes?  


VMG supports the work of The Conversation Project at: The Conversation Project which provides valuable resources and assistance in helping people initiate and engage in these conversations.  This site can help put many issues into perspective and help families learn how to begin to share their thoughts and questions.


All adults are encouraged to fill out a Health Care Proxy form. This legal document allows you to name the person(s) you want to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to speak for yourself. This form gives no one any authority if you can speak for yourself. VMG encourages you to sit down with family members or trusted friend and discuss what your preferences would be, and then choose someone to be your health care agent who you think will abide by your wishes, not their own preferences, should those be different. You may obtain this form at VMG or download in English and eight other languages at: Honoring Choices

You may fill this form out at home with two witnesses. When your health care proxy form is completed, please bring it to VMG to be included in your medical record.


Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) is a medical document which outlines your instructions about specific forms of life-sustaining treatments. You and your primary care provider sign this form together after thorough discussion. The MOLST is intended for those of more advanced age or with serious illness. You may obtain this form at VMG or download in English and nine other languages at: MOLST


When you and your provider have discussed and signed this form, it will be included in your medical record at VMG. Please note: Medical orders, like the MOLST, which communicate instructions between health professionals, must be filled out and signed by the provider and patient on the English version to be valid.


VMG encourages you to discuss your advance care planning questions, concerns and preferences with your primary care provider. Should you wish to make an appointment to review advance care planning, please call your health center and request an ACP appointment. This will insure you are scheduled enough time for a thorough discussion. We also encourage you to bring a family member or your health care agent to join you at this appointment



Do you wish that you had more time with your provider?

Would you benefit from more in depth discussion about managing your health?

Would you like to gain tools to help manage your health challenges that will improve your quality of life?

A Shared Medical Appointment (SMA) is extended time with a primary care provider in a supportive and interactive group visit with other patients who share a similar health issue. The provider will be joined by a team that may include a behavioral specialist, physical therapist, nutritionist or others with expertise in the particular SMA topic. 

The cost for these visits is the same as your usual office visit copay.

VMG currently offers the following SMAs:
Diabetes: The focus is on optimizing blood sugar control through nutrition and lifestyle changes. At the Easthampton and Northampton Health Centers, Diabetes SMAs are offered monthly; at the Greenfield Health Center, the SMA meets every 2 weeks.

Weight Management: This is a weekly appointment for 10 weeks. The focus is on sustainable lifestyle changes for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Topics include nutrition, emotional eating, fad dieting, social events, and exercise. 

Healthy Living: This is a continuous monthly appointment that can be attended as needed to support and follow up on the progress initiated in the weight management SMA. 

Pain Management: This is a weekly appointment for 6 weeks for patients who have ongoing issues with chronic pain. Topics include understanding the nature of chronic pain, the importance of safe movement, and understanding the role of emotions and thoughts. Specific skills and strategies are taught to effectively manage chronic pain.

Interested? Please contact your provider or your health center for more information and to learn what is available at your center. Registration is required.