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For more than 25 years, our physicians, health care professionals and staff have dedicated themselves to serving area residents. Originally formed from the merger of Amherst Medical Associates and Pioneer Family Physicians, we were formerly part of Kaiser Permanente until becoming an independent, multi-specialty medical group in January of 2000. 

We're located close to your home with health centers in Amherst, Easthampton, Northampton, and Greenfield. Each of our Health Centers has a full range of services right in our buildings.  Primary care is provided by Board Certified Family Practitioners, Internists and Pediatricians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Eye Care is provided by an experienced Optometrist.  Our Physical Therapists provide a broad range of outpatient services for orthopedic conditions. Our Behavioral Health practitioners include psychiatrists (medication consultation and management), psychologists, social workers, and counselors providing evaluation and treatment for the full range of mental health and substance abuse problems. We also have a physician’s office laboratory and radiology services (X-ray, mammography, and ultrasound).

We are very proud of our outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Procedure Center at our Amherst Medical Center. The unit is licensed by the state of Massachusetts,  accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) and meets all of the requirements for the Center for Medicare Services.

We're not only close to your home or business. We also offer convenient hours (before and after your work hours) and flexible appointment schedules.

As an independent medical group, we take all major insurances. We are providers for Health New England, Health New England Medicare Advantage, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Tufts, Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO, Medicare, MassHealth, BMC HealthNet and most other plans. 

At Valley Medical Group, we are committed to helping our patients live better, longer through early detection and preventive medicine. Our goal is to provide you with care that is effective in preventing illness and health problems wherever possible. If you're sick, our goal is to help you eliminate or reduce the effects of your illness and restore your ability to function and live your life as effectively as possible. Come see us. We're in your community, ready to take care of you and your family.


Vision Statement

Patients and citizens in our communities will recognize Valley Medical Group as the leading medical practice in our region. We’ll be recognized for our quality of care (the use of the most up to date and effective delivery of evidence based health care) and the quality and consistency of our caring (our attentive, respectful, and compassionate caring).



We accomplish our mission and achieve our vision by operating from the following values:


A commitment to ethical and respectful relationships with our patients

  • We are dedicated to providing healthcare in accordance with the highest principles and ethics associated with the health care professions.

  • We carefully observe and maintain our patients’ privacy and confidentiality

  • We are honest and respectful.


A devotion to our patients and their humanity

  • To care for our patient’s health is an honor and a calling of the highest order.

  • We accept the responsibility, entrusted to us every day, to serve.


We express compassion for those who come to us for care

  • We recognize the vulnerability that accompanies illness and disability.

  • We have empathy for those who are suffering and express that empathy in caring.


We believe in, and deliver, high quality, comprehensive and coordinated care

  • We deliver individualized care based on the best evidence available.

  • We emphasize coordination and continuity of care.

  • We emphasize prevention and health promotion.


Service to our patients and communities is a priority

  • Each of us achieves the best possible outcome for each patient through speedy, responsive, and appropriate action; timely service; and a cooperative relationship between service provider and service recipient.

  • We see our patients’ needs through our patients' eyes.

  • We take our responsibility to our communities seriously and look for ways to be of service.

  • We take care to conserve environmental resources and to act responsibly in the use and consumption of these resources.


We operate with integrity

  • We take responsibility for our individual and collective actions.

  • We honor our obligations.

  • We are forthright business partners while championing causes that improve our ability to deliver on our promise of quality care for all our patients.

  • We conserve our human and fiscal resources and manage our practice in a manner that promotes financial stability while compensating our practitioners and staff in a fair and responsible manner.


We provide convenience, comfort and safety for our patients and staff

  • We work in welcoming, efficient, accessible facilities.

  • Most of the services our patients need are provided “under one roof.”


We respect each other

  • Our work environment will continue to be one of collegiality and respect for each other as we work towards a common goal of excellent service to our patients.


We have a passion for Improvement

  • We will continuously search for opportunities to improve our services.

  • We believe that every day can be new and better if we allow ourselves the joy of learning from what does not work and we see success as baseline for tomorrow’s improvement.

  • We intend to grow to meet the changing needs of our community by seeking out practitioners who share our commitment to excellent care.


We seek to innovate

  • We will be recognized as a leader in quality of care and for establishing the standards of care. We honor the role of innovation and challenging established norms and forging new ground in medical care.

  • We celebrate successful innovation while we also reward “nice tries” and celebrate “failures” as the cost of innovation.


Good Humor

  • We value joy and humor in our workplace and strive to maintain these qualities in the face of deadlines, challenges, and adversity.

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