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At Valley Medical Group we offer behavioral health services in the primary care setting, collaborating with your primary care team. We offer in person, video and, phone visits for those without internet access.  

We believe that care should be culturally attuned, timely and accessible to you when you need it most. If you think there is an important problem to address, we want to focus on that with you.  

We use person-centered practices that are efficient. We strive to offer the right amount of treatment at the right time when you most need care. 

Our approach is to offer care that is brief and empowers you to thrive in your everyday life with no set frequency of sessions or length of care. We often meet intermittently. Our team of psychologists, social workers, psychiatric prescribers and counselors strive to help you access your own strengths and ability to make desired changes in your life.  


Amherst Medical Center
Easthampton Health Center
Greenfield Health Center
Northampton Health Center
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