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Your relationship with tobacco/nicotine is complicated. Our support is compassionate and comprehensive.

Your Valley Medical Group provider is always glad to offer support and advice about cutting down or quitting. They’ll help you understand which cessation medications are appropriate for you and prescribe then as necessary.

We understand that this is important and can be complicated. So, here are some additional FREE services you can access. No costs, no co-pay, no pressure, just support the way you want it.

Weekly QuittersWin Support Groups

Brave folks who are ready to talk about changing their relationship with tobacco can attend free weekly QuittersWin groups (now meeting on Zoom) every Monday or Wednesday at 4:00 pm. Zero pressure and lots of support from people who understand. Contact Tim to register. (413) 800-2334


Text Message Support

Timing matters, and rather than call you when you’re not quite ready, 1 or 2 positive text messages each week will keep our services on your radar. Of course, you can stop them any time by texting “STOP.” Send a text to Tim to sign up. (413) 800-2334


Patient Initiated Phone-Coaching

Rather than call you when it’s not convenient, you can call Tim for an individual phone-coaching session any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Some people call weekly, some less often. It’s up to you! Get the support you want, when you want it! Call Tim (413) 800-2334



Let us know what tobacco/nicotine related topics you’d like to see covered in a video.



Our first video is for folks who are ready to quit or make a change in their smoking or vaping.



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Any Monday or Wednesday at 4:00 pm


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