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Mature Minor information for Parents


As of November 1st, 2023, VMG has limited portal access for parents and guardians of children aged 13-17.  This change is designed to respect and maintain the confidentiality of our adolescent patients. This change aligns with Massachusetts law which grants teen patients special privacy protections (for more information, go to Since VMG's Electronic Health Record system (Athena), does not currently allow for segmentation of your teen’s record to permit complete access and protect confidentiality, parental access to electronic health information for teens will be limited when they turn 13. Parents and guardians will now send messages via the portal through the category “Statement, Billing, or Insurance Question.”  Using this link, parents may message VMG to request an appointment, make billing inquiries and ask clinical questions on behalf of their teen.

Teens begin a remarkable period of development at age 13 where they grow in size, gain abilities, and are faced with unique opportunities and challenges. We recognize that adolescents need safe and reliable adults to guide them through this period and so we encourage parents and guardians to talk with their teens regarding their right to privacy in health care beforehand. At the same time, we affirm Massachusetts’ law which maintains that respecting and ensuring confidentiality is imperative for the health, development and well-being of our adolescent patients.  

We are pleased that you have entrusted us with the care of your adolescent and we look forward to our continued partnership throughout their teen years.


Paul D. Carlan, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Valley Medical Group 

Mature Minor portal Access FAQ's

VMG release of information form

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