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Diabetes Education and Nutrition Counseling appointments are

available with our experienced Educators



  • Personalized diabetes education tailored to your specific health needs and lifestyle.

  • Non-judgmental assistance with identifying and overcoming barriers to improve your diabetes management.

  • Hands on teaching and guidance on using glucose meters, giving insulin or non-insulin injections, and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

  • Insulin pump management in coordination with VMG endocrinologists.



  • Personalized nutrition counseling and guidance to meet lifestyle and medical needs. 

  • Supportive style that utilizes mindful and intuitive eating approaches to:

    • Develop healthy and satisfying meal plans

    • Avoid the “dieting trap”

    • Improve wellness

  • Conditions we can help you with include but are not limited to:  

    • Diabetes and pre-diabetes

    • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high triglycerides

    • Kidney disease

    • Digestive disturbances such as reflux, constipation, diarrhea, or irritable bowel syndrome

    • Food allergies and sensitivities, for example celiac disease or gluten intolerance

    • Weight management

  • Comprehensive diabetes education in a group setting, taught by both a Diabetes Nurse Educator and a Registered Dietitian.

  • Topics include: what is diabetes, ways to manage blood sugars, eating with diabetes, carbohydrates, heart health, physical activity and many more.

  • Ideal for both those newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and wondering where to begin or people who are not new to diabetes but are looking for a “refresher”.

  • Classes are 2 hours in length, with 4 classes to a series; currently offered virtually on Zoom.

  • Click here for contact information. Current Series:   4/4, 5/2, 5/16, and 5/30.
    Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

  • Designed for people with Type 2 diabetes and led by our education team.

  • A safe space where people with diabetes can come together to share challenges and successes.

  • Topic of interest presented each session as requested by our support group participants.

  • Meets on the second Wednesday every other month from 6-7pm via Zoom. (No meetings June, July and August)

  • No registration necessary – contact one of our educators for the Zoom link.

  • Click here for our current flyer and contact information.

“For years my doctor tried to get me to improve on my lifestyle habits… when I had to start on insulin, he suggested I see an educator. I loved the program, learned a lot, found the nurse educator and the nutritionist very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. My questions got answered, and over time I made of lot of lifestyle changes. I lost 95 pounds by eating better, I exercise most days, my A1c dropped from over 12%, to 5.4%, and I am completely off insulin now.” Steve - GHC patient

"I was very fortunate to receive a [nutrition]referral from my doctor to help me control my pre-diabetes... During 2020, the Covid Lockdowns impacted both my weight and blood glucose. Diane helped me become more aware of my eating habits and encouraged me to exercise. She recommended a [dietary] goal. I really like many of the food swaps she suggested. I’m pleased I shed my Covid weight, plus an additional 5 pounds. Blood sugar and cholesterol are better, too!" Tammy - NHC patient

Marjorie Sobil,

Sarah Anderson,

Valley Medical Group’s Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American

Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

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